Monday, June 24, 2013

Clean Eating

I've never had a problem with exercise. Going to the gym and pushing myself has always been something I could stick with.

The difficulty for me lies with eating. I don't eat super badly, but I could definitely improve.

I'm a really picky eater. There are some really unhealthy foods that I don't like, but there are also some healthy ones that I can't bring myself to eat.
Examples: Cottage cheese, squash, avocado. I'm big on texture.

Since I have my exercise regimen in a great place, I really need to start working on my nutrition.

Why put in all of that hard work at the gym if I'm not going to back it up with nutrition?

I've really "cleaned up" my diet lately, but I still haven't seen the results I want, so something isn't right.

A Typical Day of Eating:

- Oatmeal-- plain with almond butter, or apple cranberry with walnuts
200-250 calories

I'll usually work out about an hour after breakfast.

Snack 1:
- Premier Protein Shake
160 calories

- Either rice cakes or sourdough bread with almond butter 
~ 200-250 calories

Snack 2: 
- Hummus & crackers
~ 250 calories

- Premier Protein shake, with a vegetable and a carb (usually rice or pasta)
~ 400 calories

Snack 3: 
- Fruit or something crunchy
~ 200-300 calories

Total: 1,410- 1,510

If an untrained person ate like this, they would probably see some pretty good results. But since I'm in pretty good shape, my body has adapted and doesn't change.

So... Time for a new plan!

I've been wanting to start eating clean for a really long time now. I just don't really know where to start. There are so many different beliefs on what real clean eating is.

The most simple definition is eating little/no processed foods.

Processed foods have taken over America, and the world. This is why clean eating is so difficult!

I'm sure it gets easier with time. But, for a girl who used to survive on frozen dinners and canned soup, this is surely going to be an arduous journey.

But it must be done. 

Clean Eating Begins TODAY! 

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