Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I said I was going to start eating clean. 

& I've done OKAY. 
I haven't eaten frozen dinners or canned soup (VICTORY)!

But I haven't been putting in 100% effort.  It's hard! 

During the summer, I miss my usual routine. For me, being in school and having a routine makes it easier to stick with things. There isn't a lot of room to wiggle. But in the summer, all I have is wiggle room. 

My challenge now is to create a routine out of the spontaneity. I LOVE planning- I write everything (I mean EVERYTHING) down in a planner. I like knowing exactly what I'm doing on any given day. 

I have to learn how to do this with my meals. Planning my meals for the week will help me stay on track- and stick with a routine. 

Many people who try to start on a healthy eating plan fail. 
They fail because they try to jump in head first. They cut out all the foods they love, and leave no room for life. They may be able to stick with their plan for a week or two, but then they go crazy. 

It's all about BALANCE. I'm in college. I'm going to want to go out to eat or even to the bars every once in a while. And that's okay! No one can be perfect 100% of the time. 

It's all about making small changes that will last a lifetime. If you fail, keep trying. 


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